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I’ve always loved the feel of plastic and rubber since wearing as a small child, and now enjoy the idea of imagination, difference and style in my preferred choice of underwear; not all adult disposable nappies are the same, neither are plastic or rubber pants … so it’s great to explore the universe of the DL/AB world.

** All these photos are of myself, and as such I am the owner. Please do not redistribute on other sites**

This is me wearing my Skins compression sports top and rubber zip-up hood…

Let yourself be free ! …

Deep in the woods under the cover of trees …. there is a nappy wearer …

Lets go into the forest …

Blue pants !

Nylon knee length shorts …

Notice anything unusual below …?

Exposure in a public park !

Chill !

Bed time !

"Where’s the local nappy and plastic pants store in town ?"

"Extra nappies and plastic pants to be delivered please, with a rubber bed sheet, thanks ever so!"

How does this darn thing work ?!

How patriotic …

Sun tan and yellow plastic pants !

Shave time !

Early morning TV …

Watching TV …

Putting on the smooth soft clear snap on plastic pants ….

Mischief !

Out and about !

Stretch !

Morning time !

My snap sided adult baby pants … :-)

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